Sunday, February 9th

12-2:30 pm

Coppermine Racquet + Fitness


In this 2.5 hour workshop, learn to break down the fundamentals of your yoga practice. Develop a greater understanding of your anatomy and how it informs your physiology and psychology. Elevate will encourage you to advance your practice not by making it fancy, but rather through a simple yet sophisticated approach to how we build each pose. We will deconstruct your habits while creating a practice that is authentically true to you and your body, as it is, now. Learn proper modifications that enable you to build a strong body from a healthy foundation and increase the longevity of your yoga practice. Through clarifying how you approach your practice, evolve how you move, how you breathe and ultimately how you feel. We will touch on the following in our workshop:


Learn the science and importance of pranayama (breath practice)

Discover your "default" in your practice

Side Angle

Extended with bind

Side plank + variations

Half Moon 

Dani will build the poses into a creative sequence for you to also develop insight on how to "flow" and transition through the shapes with greater ease and equanimity.  Expect a thorough breakdown of each pose, partner work, and a fun practice to refine your yoga while connecting with your community. This workshop is also great for teachers looking to grow their understanding of the fundamentals of the practice while increasing their vocabulary in how they cue. 

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