a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Course

Join us in Goa, India for a new kind of yoga teacher training. 

We're taking your training beyond the classroom and immersing you into the local Indian culture. 

Open to serious students and teachers, Align, combines education and experience to immerse you into the understandings of the physical and energetic anatomy of you. Our aim is to direct you into a deepened self relationship that is knowing and whole. 

We will apply the ancient philosophy of the chakras into an intentional discourse that is more embodied than it is discussed. Our promise is that you will refine your focus and shift your attention off of old limiting patterns and reconnect with your authentic truth. Through self study, conscious movement and cultural experiences you will develop an understanding of how to instruct balance between the seven aspects of yourself. Through this training you will re emerge with greater clarity, insight and self acceptance.  We will be providing accessible approaches to living your yoga in a way that builds resiliency and equanimity beyond the mat. Each day dive deeper inwards and uncover a greater love for yourself and your life.

Learn concepts on:

  • The fundamentals of the practice

    • Anatomy, Pranayama, the science of the breath and bandhas​

  • The Ancient Philosophy of the Chakras

    • Dive deep into the energetics of yoga from a psychological perspective

    • Understand the inner workings of you and how you can apply this philosophy to your life and teachings

  • Meditation

    • This training is specifically for you to assimilate the knowledge of your own wisdom into your everyday​

    • Space will be provided for insight and clarity so that you can develop a greater sense of listening to the voice within

 Our days will consist of yoga, meditation as well as activities that will enhance the course work such as visiting local temples, surfing, cooking lessons and more. We wanted to create a training that takes you beyond the classroom so that you can build a greater relationship with both yourself, others and the world.

NOVEMBER 2-9 2019


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